RIFE PEMF Plasma & Magnetic Systems


The Tri Star XL Series of RIFE PEMF Drivers and Energy Emitters are designed for the basics of Exploring the different forms of PEMF.

Compact, rugged but packed with all the basics, the XL units feature an adjustable fine tune frequency generator covering .5 Hz > 1 KH.

The XL's are offered in (2) designs: Mag XL and the Plasma XL design.

Both units are priced at $149 w (1) accessory & free shipping in the US

A wide selection of Energy emitters are available for both Magnetic and Plasma energies.

The Mag XL units are designed to provide high current / low voltage square wave pulses into complex High inductance networks. The units come supplied with a dual coil magnetic pulsar using the Unique MagStrobe spiral Z-Pinch design. Larger arrays of (4) and (6) Mags are available to provide comfortable large area Magnetic treatments.

The Mag XL units come supplied with a (2) coil MagStrobe designed for the XL Series.

The Plasma XL units are designed to provide High Voltage/ Microcurrent square wave pulses into Plasma Emitters and Electromotive Field films. The units come supplied with a 30 cm Plasma Emitter tubes. Plasma emitters are available is single – dual tube configurations and Magnetic/ Plasma designs. Plasma is available in different colors of Red, Blue and Green.

Electromotive/ Static Field Films are available in sets of (2) films. Larger films and multiple configurations are available. 

Rife Plasma machine
Rife Plasma machine