Tri star VI PEMF System


Tri Star VI

The Tri Star Family of devices are designed to use the entire gamut of PEMF to enact the full spectrum of Electro-Biological therapies with emphasis on Plasma devices and the interaction with the Body thru the Mind by using the PEMF devices at resonant brainwave frequencies to cause a 'Melding' of the Mind/ Body interface.

By strengthening this joining, we can better aid, heal and increase the Energy of the combined Entity into a more complete and powerful person both on the mental and the physical level and this enhances our awareness in the Multiverse.

The New Tri Star VI Series is the next Gen of Technology that follows and expands on the basic principles of the Earth Glow Project to advance these goals with a wide and comprehensive range of state of the art tools.

We seek to not only strengthen the Mind and Body communion but to strengthen and enhance our Human abilities and health across this joining, this is why we include the Clark Zapper frequency of 30 KHz as a preset channel. The Schumann Resonance of 7.8Hz and the evolving Gamma brainwave frequency of 40 Hz which is the center of intense medical research into Alzheimer’s and other degenerative mental diseases based on patterns of brain wave frequencies is easily available on the low band and can be tuned with fine detail..

In pursuit of these goals we developed the Tri Star VI Series which greatly expands the tools that you need to explore these realms of the Soul.

The Tri Star VI offers these select and very comprehensive tools for you to use:

  •  We have the frequency of the Dr. Clark 30 KHz Zapper in a preset channel for easy use.
  • Included are (3) ranges of internal frequencies with a 20 X expansion fine adjust control ~.6 to 38 KHz range 
  •  External Input of 0 to 60 KHz using square/ triangle input signal of 4.5 to 12 Volt DC
  •  Includes a Large .5” Digital Numeric Display shows accurately the internal frequencies that you are using

Audio Output:

To further enhance the tangible effects of the Tri Star VI we have added a standard 1/8” audio jack (earbuds included) so you can also sync up with the PEMF pulsations that you are using.

Audio use of the 40 Hz frequency for Alzheimer’s is also being very actively researched along with the PEMF fields of optical and magnetic Energies. It has been reported that the use of audio alone is effective in producing a calming effect and when combined with the Blue Plasma emitters can produce an enhanced range of effects.

The use of audio is well known for brain entrainment and the audio in the Tri Star VI is designed to work across the full audio spectrum of 0 to 20+ KHz. This range is also used by the most popular Rife/ electrotherapy software of FreX 16 which is considered the Gold standard for experimentation of pulsed energies in achieving the goals of the Earth Glow project.

To make your experience of use even easier, we have basic information on the front panel label and more specific directions on an enlarged bottom label for quick reference all while keeping the operation as simple as possible.

The controls are simple to use and provide these functions:

Power control: On/ Off power switch & coarse frequency adjustment

Tune control: Fine tuning within the coarse frequency, expands tuning by 20X.

5 Channel Output + Full audio range:

  • 1: Preset 30 KHz (Clark Zapper)
  • 2: Low band ~ .6 to 40 Hz  
  • 3: Mid band ~ 16 to 954 Hz 
  • 4: Hi band ~ 63 to 38 KHz 
  • 5: External Input: ~ 0 to 60 KHz  
  • Input levels: 4.5 to 12 volts, square/triangle input
  • + Audio output- full audible audio range of 0 to 20+ Khz (Earbuds included)

TRI STAR 6 - Total PEMF System - Fully Programmable, FREX compatible,
Colloidal Silver generation +

TRI STAR 6 - Total PEMF System - Fully Programmable, FREX compatible, Colloidal Silver generation +


The Tri Star VI Includes all the features and technology of the Tri Star III and more.  To Read about the Tristar III and the philosophy of its design. (Click Here)

Upgrades form Tri Star III to the Tri Star VI :

  1. FREX Software compatible! (Will run Rife, Nogier and Beck frequencies)
  2. Colloidal Silver generation + Entrainment capability
  3. Fully Programmable from 0.6 Hz to 38,000 Hz
  4. Fine tuning capability 20X
  5. RED and Blue Plasma PEMF Emitters
  6. 0.5" Illuminated Red Digital readout.
  7. Full range audio output with Earbuds.

Includes: 1 each of Red + Blue color Plasma PEMF Emitters, Tristar VI unit, Earbuds, Copper Grip, 120v AC adapter with cord. 1 Year Warranty except on Plasma PEMF emitter. (FREE SHIPPING)



Our products are consumer electronic devices designed to be used as part of a Conscious Wellness Lifestyle. Individual results may vary. These units are not medical devices nor are they intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or health condition. The use, effectiveness and safety of these units has not been approved by the FDA any governmental agency. These devices should be operated only by professionals and other competent individuals over 18 years of age. Please consult a healthcare  practitioner for any health condition or concerns.  If you are pregnant or have an electronic pacemaker do not use these products. Any physical items provided by this company or its employees or affiliates are for private medical research, education and entertainment only and used at your own risk with no warranty of efficacy, use or purpose stated or implied. Information found and opinions expressed anywhere on this web site or in printed materials are opinion only and never to be construed as medical claims or advice. Additional terms of use may apply.  Statement and claims about products described have not been evaluated or authorized by the U.S. FDA.


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