Tri Star Plasma


Tri Star Plasma Emitters

Earth Glows LLC builds a wide range of Plasma emitters from single tubes to large arrays of various colors. The XL Plasma and the R VI Systems will drive plasma tubes together with a MagStrobe to produce both Plasma/ Photonic & Magnetic Energies with each pulse.

Plasma devices are popular for several reasons because they offer a range of different energies.

The Plasma devices built by Earth Glows LLC use cold cathode High Voltage gas discharge tubes. They are triggered/ flash with each Energy pulse produced by the Drivers.   

Unlike LED’s – Plasma are Pulse Only devices and cannot operate as continuous On. 

Tri Star Plasma devices produce (3) distinct forms of Energy:

Visual/ Photonic pulse

Electromagnetic pulse

Electrostatic pulse

We prefer gas Plasma devices over solid state LED for the simple reason that Plasma operates at pulses of several thousand volts of Energy. This in turn produces Energy fields that don’t exist at 10’s of volts with LED’s.

Plasma is used across many Health issues for both the Mind thru Entrainment and the Body thru Magnetic pulses.