World’s First PEMF based Zapper - The Tri Star III.

A Breakthrough in PEMF Technology

The Tri Star III is a revolutionary breakthrough in Zapper technology that replaces skin conduction with whole body plasma PEMF treatment to pass the healing frequencies into your body. 

Full Body PEMF Transmission

Instead of passing the Zapper frequencies thru simple copper handgrips or plates thru the skin,the Tri Star uses high power plasma PEMF emitters that pulses at the ~30 KHz Zapper frequency. These Pulsed Plasma Emitters & MagStrobes generate the Zapper pulses in the form of electrostatic, magnetic and photonic energies (PEMF) directly onto and thru your body. 

By holding a single copper hand grip, you can place the emitters anywhere on your body where you want to concentrate the pulsed energies between the hand grip and the emitters.

Alzheimer's and Astral Travel

Amazing as this is, the Tri Star III goes even farther and pulses the Zapper frequency at two of the most important frequencies of the Human mind, Alzheimer’s & Astral Travel.

The first is the critical 40 Hz rate of the Gamma brainwave pattern that is on the edge of revolutionizing alzheimer's light alternative medicine treatments. This allows users to combine the 

benefits of possible Alzheimer’s treatments with the healing powers of the Zapper. 

The 40 Hz Gamma channel is used in many studies of body and brain interfacing and is widely used as an entrainment frequency that you can enter at anytime, anywhere.

Schumann Resonance and Sh'en Portal

Finally, if this not enough incredible technology, the Tri Star III also uses the Schumann Resonance frequency of 7.8 Hz to further healing with the heartbeat of the Mother Earth Gaia or to meditate under the protection of the zapper. This is because the Schumann frequency is between of the Theta brain wave pattern and the Alpha pattern. These two brainwave bands are critical to mind and body.

We call this the Sh’en Portal as it uses the Schumann Resonance for brain entrainment to provide Mind & Body Health to enable you to travel thru the Portal and journey the Alpha & Theta worlds. 

The Schumann Resonance is a worldwide frequency that Gaia creates with every 

bolt of lightning which is why it is called the heartbeat of the Planet.

And all Humans use this frequency as the base line between the 2 most important Brainwave frequency bands of tranquility, deep meditation and Astral Projection.

Is this just Coincidence? We don’t think so and you won’t either if you travel thru the portal.

High Energy Plasma Emitters

To fully use the visual capabilities of the Tri Star, the plasma emitters come in the 

(3) prime colors of human perception – Red, Green & Blue. The emitters come in 

Hi Energy single tubes and Super Energy emitters that use (2) 12” long emitter tubes.  


The Tri Star III is a True PEMF device, not a partial or maybe sort of PEMF device.

PEMF means Pulsed as in pulsed energies, EM means Electro Magnetic as in 

electric, magnetic and photonic (light) energy and F means (energy) field.

The Tri Star III produces all of these forms of energy using different accessories

and at different frequencies so users have the widest choice of experiences.

The Systems generate (3) very different frequencies for very different uses,

the Zapper frequency of 30KHz, Sh’en of 7.8 Hz and the Gamma of 40 Hz.

The Tri Star uses the 30 KHz Zapper frequency as the base frequency.

From there it generates pulses or packets of the Zapper frequency into

7.8 Hz and 40 Hz energy packets. So, all of the output energies no matter

what the low frequency is are composed of the 30 KHz base pulses of energy. 

A simple toggle switch is used to select which frequency you want.

We believe so strongly in the work of Dr. Clark that we have used it as 

the frequency that all of the other frequencies are based on.


How to produce the Zapper Protocols in all (3) Energy types.

Zapper Protocols are based on Positive only voltage pulses.

The Tri Star III uses a single handgrip of copper tube that is coated with a 

plastic coating so it does not corrode/ oxidize but remains polished.

To use only the electric field simply plug the handgrip into the Red jack.

This is the Positive output and only (1) handgrip is needed because

the Tri Star generates High Voltage Electrostatic pulses that will

completely charge the entire body with each of the Zapper pulses.

This ensures that your entire body receives the benefits of each pulse.

To generate magnetic pulses simply plug the MagStrobe (sold separately)

into the Red & Black output jacks and place the MagStrobe over

the area that you wish to concentrate the magnetic energy fields.

(check polarity of the MagStrobe – which side is down IMPORTANT)

To generate Photonic/ light pulses plug a Plasma emitter into the 

Red & Black jacks and place the Plasma emitter over a specific area.

To further enhance the Magnetic and Plasma pulse energies simply

plug the handgrip into the Blue jack. The Blue jack is a center point

for energies from the Red & Black jacks and will help drain off the

Positive energies generated from the Magnetic and Photonic pulses.


Brainwave Entrainment with the Tri Star III

Entrainment is a well-known effect where the brainwave frequencies

will harmonize with external stimulus, usually audio like music.

Light therapy is becoming the norm because while the eyes can see

low frequencies, hearing becomes a problem with hearing aids.

Tri Star also uses Magnetic fields to further enhance the health benefits.

The use of electric and magnetic fields is also being actively researched.

It is well known that the brain perceives these fields on a cellular level,

especially electric fields like those generated by Plasma devices.

Entrainment is the shortcut to using EEG feedback to train yourself

to enter specific brainwave patterns and once you know the mental state

that you want – it is far easier for you to return to that state of mind.  

The Sh’en Portal of 7.8 Hz is best used when in a relaxed and comfortable

location but you’ll soon decide what works best for you. Basically you

follow the same format as you would for meditation but work with the light.

The 40 Hz Gamma is also very interesting as it sits at the lower boundary

of the heightened awareness band and a lot of people tune for it.  


Alzheimer’s and the Tri Star III

Probably the most down to Earth area of research using brainwaves is

the research being done on Alzheimer’s using 40 Hz flashing lights.

This truly amazing research was conducted by MIT and they achieved

a 67% reduction in the amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer’s. 

The latest report is in the magazine Nature, 02/28/2018 and we 

suggest you Google and read the article carefully. It also provides

background on brainwaves, technical but a good read in general.

For use with Alzheimer’s testing we recommend the Super twin tube

in blue. They suggest 1 hour a day and we would place the tubes

in a general lighting format of say a counter or desk and under the 

edge so you can see the light easily but not the tubes directly.

Kind of a soft background light and the blue is very calming.

For more information on all of the above material, we refer you 

to the extended Operator’s Manual and of course Google.

(See photos Below)


Why a PEMF Zapper?

  • A PEMF Zapper is an obvious next step of development based on related Technologies.
  • Rife Technology is based on using pulsed electromagnet/ PEMF frequencies to kill pathogens.
  • True Rife uses RF frequency carrier energies or plasma derived EMF to deliver these frequencies.
  • Rife Technology is a pure PEMF based technology and that is the destiny of the Dr. Clark discoveries.
  • Zapper Technology works at limited potential with low voltage & direct current sources.
  • Based on Rife Technology and now the breakaway MIT report on Alzheimer’s results,
  • It’s obvious that a PEMF Zapper is the Future for Dr Clark’s discoveries and that time is Now.
  • We believe in the Zapper technology and we have added the Alzheimer’s & Sh’en Portals
  • To provide as much protection and healing energies as we can to help you in a simple device.

This is why Earth Glow LLC developed the Tri Star Series of PEMF Zapper devices.

We are literally committed to improving the Human condition and for all of life on Gaia.


  • Now The TS3 Has Full Audio output
  • Colloidal Silver Capability
  • Electric, Magnetic and Photonic Energy Fields
  • Mind, Body, and Health Across All PEMF  Energies
  • Clark Zapper + Meditation + Alzheimer's Light Therapy All-in-1 Purchase
  • Safe And Simple To Use – NO TRAINING REQUIRED
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY except on Plasma Emitters
  • Detailed Support + On-line Reference Library

Click Here to purchase (free shipping) $99.00

TS3 PEMF Zapper: CLARK ZAPPER + MEDITATION + Colloidal Silver + alzheimer's light Therapy ALL IN 1


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