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3-in-1 "Worlds first PEMF ZAPPER"

30 KHZ (Clark Zapper)

40 Hz gamma (popular for Alzheimers research)

7.8 Hz (Schumann Resonance)

Colloidal Silver Capability

Brainwave entrainment research device, 

Includes: TRI STAR III, One Copper Hand grip, one Blue Plasma PEMF  Wand. Earbuds, 1 Year Warranty except on Power Plasma PEMF emitter. (FREE SHIPPING)   Built to order. Expect one week processing to ship if item is in stock. Buyers will be notified if the item is back ordered and be given the choice of a refund.


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TRI STAR VI - Total PEMF System


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A Completely Programmable  Total PEMF System

The 5 Channels

  • 1: Preset 30 KHz (Clark Zapper)
  • 2: Low band ~ .6 to 40 Hz  
  • 3: Mid band ~ 16 to 954 Hz 
  • 4: Hi band ~ 63 to 38 KHz 
  • 5: External Input: ~ 0 to 60 KHz  (designed for compatibility with FREX software so you can run any automated or custom frequency sets you like from a computer or laptop)
    Input levels: 4.5 to 12 volts, square/triangle input
  • + 1 Audio output- full audible audio range of 0 to 20+ Khz (Earbuds included)
  • FREX Software compatible!
  • Colloidal Silver generation + Entrainment capability

Includes: 1 each of Red + Blue color Plasma PEMF Emitters, Tristar VI unit, Earbuds, Copper Grip, 120v AC adapter with cord. 1 Year Warranty except on Plasma PEMF emitter. (FREE SHIPPING) Built to order. Expect one week processing to ship if item is in stock. Buyers will be notified if the item is back ordered and be given the choice of a refund.

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The Tri Star PlasMag is a Truly Unique PEMF accessory device that combines the Energies of both Plasma and Magnetic fields. It is Many times more powerful than the standard High Power Plasma PEMF Emitter. 

Includes:  1 - Linear PEMF PlasMag. Available in Blue, Red or Green color by request. (Free Shipping) 

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Single Plasma Emitter (Additional / Replacement)


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Handheld PEMF Plasma emitter tube for use with Tri Star devices.  Available in Blue, Green, or Red.  Includes handle, cord and connector. (Please specify color when ordering)




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TRI STAR Mag Strobes are unlike any conventional magnetic pulsars.  Where the other technologies generate slow and high gauss pulses, the TRI STAR Magnetic Strobes generate very fast magnetic pulses that are coupled with a high voltage electrostatic energy field that evolves at the same time and in the same direction as the magnetic field.  

Includes: 1- PEMF Mag Strobe included with wire and connectors. For use with TRI STAR systems.

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Additional Products:

Additional available products will be listed here. Contact us to purchase:

1. Dual Tube PEMF Plasma light Emitter in Red, Green, Or Blue (with handle cord and connector): $50 

Shipping:  Units are custom built to order. Please allow one week assembly, quality control and processing time to ship. Items shipped through Priority Mail so delivery time will vary according to location.  Buyers will be notified if any parts are back ordered and be given the choice of a refund.

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