Introducing: mag Strobe

Mag strobe - Magnetic Pulsar

The New Mag Strobe is the latest in the TRI STAR Family of highly specialized magnetic pulsars.

TRI STAR Mag Strobes are unlike any conventional magnetic pulsars.  Where the other technologies generate slow and high gauss pulses, the TRI STAR Magnetic Strobes generate very fast magnetic pulses that are coupled with a high voltage electrostatic energy field that evolves at the same time and in the same direction as the magnetic field.

Next the TRI STAR uses a Truly Bi-Directional polar magnetic pulsar. You can simply flip the Strobe over and you reverse the spiral/ pinch direction from either Clock-Wise or CCW and you also reverse the magnetic North/ South polar field.

If you reverse the power jacks, the Strobe will generate an expanding magnetic/ electrostatic energy pulse that expands from a point outwards, thus diluting any set energy fields in the cellular tissue. 

This feature allows you to concentrate the pulse of both polar magnetic and electrostatic energy in a spiral direction to a point or expand the existing energy field of the tissue and dilute it. 

Mag Strobes use a 2 dimensional spiral magnetic winding which in plasma physics is also called a magnetic Z pinch because the spiral windings generate a magnetic pulse that ‘spirals’ across a flat plane and concentrates to a pinch/ point at the center of the winding.

So when the Mag Strobe is triggered the stored electrostatic field pulse along with the generated magnetic pulse contract in a spiraling pinch that concentrates both of the energy fields to a very small point.

The TRI STAR can run as a simple magnetic pulsar using any of the basic power ports. There are many different ways to explore the use of pulsed magnetic fields with the Mag Strobe. 

Last the new Mag Strobes  are comfortable! The Mag Strobes are pliable – that means they can bend around curves like arms, legs and shoulders easily. No more stiff hard shapes or sharp corners, the Mag Strobes will tuck into a sock or a waist band with equal comfort. And most importantly you lay and even sleep with the Mag Strobe under you so you can continue your treatments while you rest.  


As with all TRI STAR accessories, operation is very simple.  You place the Strobes where you want to test for effect and start at the lowest power.  Record your results and change spiral orientation/ magnetic polarity and treatment with the other accessories as you find the results you want. Most users report they can feel the difference in polarity and spiral operation. A lot of people place a Strobe on either side of a joint for best results.    

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