An Operators Reference Guide

Colloidal Notes:

We get a lot of questions concerning the use of the Tri Star pemf therapy Systems to make various metallic colloidal solutions in addition to the use for Alzheimers Light Therapy. So, let’s start with some basics and then move onto the different things to keep in mind.


The use of silver for anti-bacterial use goes way back to at least the Roman Empire where they would put silver coins in the water jugs to keep the water fresh as an alternative medicine. The US where our medical system is run by the FDA/ Pharma the use of natural health products has been strongly discouraged. Known processes, some of which were developed by the Military during war conditions; are just not discussed or even tolerated. The use of any type of RIFE technology is a good example – you can’t sell RIFE on eBay or Amazon even though you can buy the frequency generators as long as you don’t use the word RIFE. If you’re an MD you are very strongly discouraged from anything to do with any non-FDA electrotherapy devices.

The same applies to silver and while the medical industry has started to move back into silver formulas for antibacterial use, they would much prefer Patented – massively overpriced esoteric chemical formulas of questionable value. The almost total ability of bacteria to overcome our best Pharma anti-biotics is an excellent example of this.

MRSA is a poster child for this very serious problem. Once known as a common staph infection easily treated with penicillin – it is now untreatable except by just a few antibiotics and soon not even those will work.

This is probably the main reason people are turning to the old unprofitable methods of dealing with health issues and is the driver for the Renaissance of electrotherapy Research & treatments.

At Earth Glows we strive to develop Technology and devices that can be used across as many fields of interest as possible and the making of colloidal solutions is a prime area for our Systems.

Getting started:

All Tri Star Systems are pulsed DC energies and by nature are current limited as they produce only pulses and not a continuous power source.  Depending upon the System, these pulses are generated at different frequencies and common frequencies used for colloids are the Schumann and 40 Hz Gamma for Alzheimer’s. With the Tri Star VI Series, you can input complex programs for very specific treatments. FreX16 is an excellent software program and we strongly recommend it. The advantage of using outside software systems is that they are under constant development and as with FreX, the resources that they have available to them far exceed any single product manufacturer.

With a program like FreX, you can actually make a colloid solution based on the frequencies in the program itself. Chemical reactions and processes routinely use frequencies that are tuned to accelerate or even initiate chemical actions. The use of specific frequency laser energy is used all the time, actually almost all uses of laser energies are based on the frequency that works best with the material or process whether it is cutting steel or a rock light show.

General pointers:

First you always want to use steam distilled water and Walmart water works great. Make sure that the container is absolutely clean – we suggest that you buy a glass jar and only use it for your brewing to start with and stay with glass – not metal or plastic.

We suggest that you use #12 > 14-gauge silver at 99.99% but 99.9% works just fine. You can buy it on eBay from reputable dealers and try to get around 2+ foot lengths, the single rods are rip-offs. You cut the wqire to length and then roll it on a flat surface to get the wire straight.

The Tri Star Systems work best with a 1” separation between the wires. You can simply use a small piece of wood and couple of rubber bands or even tape to hold the rods in place.

We suggest that you reverse the connects when you start to seen the ‘hair’ accumulate on the one rod. Do this instead of cleaning the rods and if you do clean them use something very soft. Baking soda/ toothpaste on a damp cloth works really well, remember they don’t have to be super clean, just a light buff is fine.

Also store the finished product in a dark cool area like a cabinet – but not a refrigerator unless you are going for serious colloidal as the colder temperature will increase the clumping action that forms the colloid. The same applies to freezing the solute – that will cause the solution to precipitate very quickly into the colloidal form.

When you first brew silver colloidal the solution is in the ionic form and after it sits for 24+ hours it will combine into the colloidal form of the silver. It is during this ‘aging’ period that users insert a Plasma emitter into the solution and continue the application of the software program but using the Plasma energies (or other accessories) instead of the silver electrodes themselves.

A side note on the Plasma Emitters about inserting them into water. We try to seal the tube ends but if you do get water into the tubes just hang the tube upside down/ cable down and the water will drain out into the handle and evaporate. It won’t hurt the plasma assembly.

Remember that if/ when you use a meter to read the PPM of the solution – these devices are reading the ion content of the solution, they work by measuring the resistance of the solution. Distilled water when it is pure has a very high resistance but as the silver rods dissolve thru the electrical process the metal ions decrease the resistance and increase the conductivity of the solution.  

We have found that the color of the solution is probably the easiest way to gauge when you’re about where you should be – the color should be that of light tea. After you are done brewing you can use the solution immediately for maximum ionic effect or let it age into colloidal if that is what you want. 


How to use effectively:

The (2) best methods of using any colloidal solution is either under the tongue or by using a nasal spray, some people also use inhalers. You should try to avoid just swallowing the colloidal especially if you are interested in the ionic mixtures. 

Why? Well stomach fluids contain hydrochloric acid which is a very strong acid and ionic solution are alkaline so they will cancel each other out. The acid probably won’t affect the colloidals to much but remember that silver is a metal and the acid will affect the metal itself – so always try to avoid just swallowing it. You can get nasal sprayers on eBay real cheap and probably your local drugstore as well.

You can get around the stomach acid by taking an anti-acid like Tums or just baking soda first and that will neutralize the acid in your stomach.

Alzheimer’s treatments should always try to be under the tongue or using a nasal inhaler as this gets the colloidal directly into the brain region without getting diluted going thru the digestive tract. The Schumann & 40 Hz Gamma are a popular brew mix for ALZ. 

Basic Flavors for cooking:

Once you get into using different programs the next step is try different substances with your brew.

Of course, for most of this you will want to drink the mix so again make sure you have mixed in something to knockback the stomach acid.

Now as to liquids to mix with besides plain water you want to look for stuff that is chemically neutral. Tea is a very good choice but you should avoid the high acid fruits like lemons and tomatoes but bananas are really good and any artificial flavor is also a good choice.

Alcohol is a good choice as it is chemically neutral, we suggest a quality vodka to start with so you can establish a base line of effects before you try other alcohols like wine. Mixed drinks are also common just avoid acidic mixes like bloody Mary’s.

A lot of people brew up cannabis teas at the Schumann frequency and add some vodka/ light wine for a smooth energy drink. Remember, while you want to brew with just water to start, after you’re done you can mix it around just try to avoid the acids if you’re interested in the ionics.

The Bigger Picture:

Now that we’ve done a fast overview let’s talk about the larger picture that emerges using the Tri Star Systems.

The basic premise of the Tri Star  Technologies is to not only offer the widest possible range of pulsed energies by using different accessories but to combine these devices into effective treatment programs.

While we can’t offer much direction in the sequence of application of these different energies – you will know best yourself what works for you, we can point out an important relationship involving colloids.

When you brew at specific frequencies those frequencies become imprinted on the colloid. When you further pump energy at those frequencies using the accessories, you resonate the mixture to that frequency along additional pathways. This is where you can add your side mixes and brew the whole batch together.

Some of the accessories are very effective at pumping action. The Plasma of course is very effective as light energy has a very high energy level – we recommend either the blue or green plasma. The MagStrobes are really good for added magnetic coupling of complex brews especially since the field has reversible magnetic polarity. The New PlasMag is probably the perfect match for giving your custom brew that extra kick of resonance.

Now speaking of resonance, after you have brewed up your favorite mix this is where the whole system starts to come together.

Since you brewed at certain frequencies, after you have ingested the mix however you want, then you go back and do a body exposure using the different accessories at those frequencies. The idea is that the brew within you will resonate with the external energy fields and by this action pump even more energy at those frequencies into your system. Think of it as an activation event with external energy fields.

With this in mind we strongly suggest that you always do some form of follow up energy input to enhance the colloidal effects and remember that you can use different frequencies to pump energy into the process. The Human body uses different levels of energies and while you may be using one with the colloidal you can also use another that resonates with it.   

Every person is different and you will have a lot of fun experimenting around to see what paths work best for, but one thing that we can assure you of – you will know it when you hit it!  


Now that we have the basics down for the colloidal side of uses let’s take a look at other areas of interest and keeping in mind how we pull all of the accessories and applications together into a complete approach for the areas that you want to research and apply for impressive results.

Pain Relief:

From the earliest release of the Earth Glows Systems we have gotten specific reports of severe pain relief from the use of the different accessories and most especially from the Plasma Strobes. Reports range from severe muscle sprains to complex pain from auto accidents.  In all reports the Plasma Strobes are placed directly against the skin for ~ ½ hour up to twice a day. 

It appears that the pain relief is a more advanced form of the common TENS type devices affect. Whereas the TENS block the pain signals and typically last for a short time, the Systems last either for the duration of the pain event (muscle strain) or for really extended times for severe permanent pain.

While this suggests (2) pathways for pain relief – they are Not necessarily exclusive of each other and may be evidence of a cascade type of effect as they may work together in stages.

The current data for the shorter pain relief seems to follow the TENS type profile of disrupting the pain information channels while the extended relief of the severe pain types suggest a deeper process.

So, as the Tri Star Systems are Holistic devices in that they affect different processes across the Body as a Whole, we need to look at the possibility that the various energy signals are actually forming a type of a longer duration repair/ modification and not just simple pain signal disruption. Of course, the higher energy levels could also be generating natural pain relief processes similar to the opioids (the effects have been compared as being better then Codeine), thru increased higher-level endorphins.

This is a major reason we advance the Systems for well-being and the PlasMag device for stimulating the pituitary gland in particular).

We also feel that the overall improved mental & physical well being enables people to better manage and control the processing of pain by the brain. And of course, healing is always faster with reduced pain and a large part of this is the amount of resources the brain has to direct to pain management itself.

So, to simplify how we suggest you approach the pain event>

First, we suggest that you use a Schumann based frequency of ~ 7 > 8 Hz with the Plasma Strobes directly on the area and use an OTC pain reliever like aspirin or Ibuprofen and just work on relaxing and thinking about reducing the pain. Conscientiously work at reducing the pain and sometimes it helps to start at the edges of the pain. Start at the least painful area and work from there, it seems that as you start to get control of the pain it becomes easier to tackle the higher pain levels.

Now people will suggest ‘schedules’ of when to treat for pain and there are good reasons for that. We suggest that the treatment time profile be a ‘broken’ schedule for several reasons. First you want to treat when you feel the need and you will become well-tuned to this as you use the devices. You will know when it’s going to get bad and how soon to get a start on it. 

Remember there is NO known limit to length of treatment time.

Secondly, pain does not abide by any schedule of occurrence or level. So, it makes no sense to just say every x number of hours. Outside factors affect your pain – stuff like activities, weather, diet and events/ stress in your everyday life will cause changes in pain generation and how you interpret it.

You have to understand that certain sources of pain will never go away like cancer and severe physical injuries (at least for now) so pain relief should be viewed in (2) basic time formats of the temporary like a sports muscle injury or a terminal pain like cancer.

Short time pain requires a lot less training as it will pass but the training should always be fully followed to completion. Besides the chances are good that eventually you will have terminal pain. For terminal pain it is imperative that full training is augmented from the very beginning.



It is a very well proven fact that levels of meditation or self-hypnosis can have very profound effects on our perception of pain. An old stage trick is to hypnotize people from the audience and then you can push a long pin thru their hand with no reflex action. Indeed, hypnosis has been used forever as a source of pain relief way before any of the modern pain medications and even before the use of the opioids was well understood.

We are not going to cover the relationships between hypnosis and the brainwave entrainment in this basic primer, but you need to be aware that hypnosis is a form of meditation or self-awareness and a lot of users compare it to a form of ‘waking consciousness’ but without the training/ knowledge of what/ where/ and the How of what state you are in. Sleep walking also falls into this area although it seems that as with any mental state – you are brushing up against other dimensions (see QM discussion below). 

When you look at the methods of induced and self – hypnosis, you will see how the Tri Star Systems  perform those functions thru the repetitive pulsing and concentration of a visual object. In this case a plasma strobe and not a watch or similar.  


Self-hypnotism is very simple and fast when using the low bands in a dark room and is part of the reason you have to be very careful when first using the plasma in a darkened room. You can very easily trance out and this can happen without any warning and very fast like in just seconds. But as with most meditation, you usually just pass into a short nap and awake completely refreshed.

We note that this ability of self-hypnosis/ meditation for 10 > 15-minute periods is really useful for a fast recharge (physical stamina). It seems that one of the key components is simply closing your eyes and inducing an Alpha/ Theta – Schumann brain wave pattern. John F. Kennedy, the US President had this down to an art and used it several times a day especially during the Cuban missile crises to have the energy to make correct decisions – also called a ‘cat nap’ for those of you who are feline lovers, but as cats sleep ~ 2/3rds of their life anyway it is hard to tell!  


In all uses of the Tri Star Systems  we suggest that a corresponding colloidal Silver solution be brewed – medium strength/ medium tea color. We further suggest that you brew at a frequency of the Schumann range of ~ 8 Hz and then settle in for a relaxing rest using Blue or Green Plasma Strobes at the same brew frequency.  Results report very significant pain relief for 24 + hours and continued daily use tends to build up pain tolerance and lengthen the time span of pain relief.  

NOTE: Using the Plasma at Schumann Resonance Frequencies for sleeping is basically a knockout and if you do dream, it will be in the very late stages and extreme care has to be taken to avoid damage to the Plasma Strobes


Physical Stamina:

> We strongly suggest that you combine a protocol of daily vitamin supplements when using the Tri Star Systems . You will be experiencing enhanced mental and physical energies and it is very important that you provide your mind and body with the added nutrients to fully enjoy the benefits of the Technologies. 

We cannot over-emphasis the need for extra nutrients. It is critical that you provide your whole person with the tools it needs to really make use of the various benefits. You must have the needed metal and organic sub compounds to enhance both your mental and physical abilities.  If you don’t supply the needed additives you may actually feel less energy as you burn thru the resources that you have on store in your body. 

You are going to experience energy depletion as you go deeper. Some of this is physical, especially if you get carried away and alter your daily habits to try to push/advance to hard. You start running for that extra level and you lose your physical balance. And you will also be burning a lot of mental effort as you strive to get better at control and discipline. 

Newbies have these issues a lot and so we’ll remind you of a very old very true maxim -  all of this will pass when it’s time has come – you can only delay your progress and your advancement will only come with a solid basis of experience and knowledge.

While entrainment and the Tri Star Systems will greatly help you find your path – it cannot move you faster then what is natural development for you alone. If you push to advance faster than you can get into real trouble and the first signs will be physical burnout and then the worst case of physic and mental exhaustion as you exhaust the higher levels of energies.

You have to understand that when you begin these travels -it’s very hard and frustrating for people in the world of cell phones and instant gratification – it just won’t happen that fast, you can’t become a Karate blackbelt in a few weeks even if you live in the Matrix.

The very plus side is that as you get better and more experienced – it will become much easier as with any endeavor and so your mental and physical energy use will become a non-issue and in fact you will start to recharge as you travel. I think you should consider this as ‘going with the flow’ in that once you learn how to work within the system you can paddle with the current and not against it.  

Remember that when you add an outside vitamin solution to a colloidal solution and then re-brew, it does Not harm the vitamins. What it does is add an energy profile to the extra brew that is based on your chosen brain pulse frequency. In electronics this is called ‘resonance’ and this effect extends across all living things. We all have obvious resonances of color, sound, scent and behaviors. 

So as with the energy fields within you, there are areas that give you peace and increased energies. These areas have a resonance with your person and you must always strive to follow and enhance these areas. This is what the Tri Star Systems are designed to do.

Once you start getting into the new layers of energy, you will start making the better choices on diet and such so we don’t see a need for further guidance except to get you started on the path.

Red or Green Plasma Strobes work best for most people and as with all treatments, we suggest ½ hour sessions to start.

Remember there is no downside to using the Tri Star Systems for extended or even continuous time periods.

Mental Awareness – Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and Traveling:

One of the first results after pain is that you’ll feel is increased energy and mental alertness. A lot of users ‘toss cards’ in that they use a deck of Zener cards to test their ESP or ‘read’ ability. Zener cards are a set of (5) symbols on cards that are used to test for ESP levels for clairvoyance and transference reading between individuals. There are other methods of testing and rolling dice are the second most popular method next to card reading. 

Professional gamblers usually use (2) techniques to keep above the averages – especially against House odds. Games of ’chance’ always have better odds among single players vs. playing against the ‘House’. But there are reports of very skilled individuals that can read the House very well, Monte Carlo – ‘70s’s.

Successful gamblers tend to use (2) basic processes. First, they are really good at reading the signals that the other players send out regarding their status, also called the ‘tell’ and this is basically an Empathic ability. Other people have actual higher than normal ESP at cards, dice and telepathy. These ESP factors cover a range of special senses like telepathic/ empathic which is where they can read what your thoughts/ emotions are concerning your cards or clairvoyance where they can predict the future results like dice. People with good natural ESP are known and get banned from the casinos even though it may be called cheating.

Card counting in Blackjack is a notorious reason for getting asked to leave, but in reality, it is hard to specify whether the person is counting the cards or making hunches? Memory development is an important part of increased metal activity using the Tri Star Systems , so as you develop your mental discipline, you will find that your memory will become more detailed and with better re-call. 

Traveling – Astral Projection:

First, there are several telltale signs that you have or are entering an enhanced Mental plane. You are mentally more alert and aware of your ‘world’ and senses like vision are much clearer than in the normal world. 

Always remember, that you can interface with the different planes at different levels.  Like a swimming pool, you can dip the toes or go full in and Astral is like that. A lot of times you will start to brush against a higher level and it’s important that you know how to realize this is happening so that you can search for that sensation and develop it further.  

Another telltale is that you perceive things in more than the usual (5) senses, you start to ‘feel’ in emotions or sensations that are not the usual ranges.  

In really deep interfacing, this is especially obvious because as you exit that Mental plane you start to feel the loss of the expanded senses and this also seems particularly profound with emotions.  You will have enhanced emotions and depth of emotional perception which you do not have in your normal world, that is a sure sign that you’re travelling at a higher plane of existence. 

This feeling of loss can be very profound and can influence you a lot when you’re back to your current World plane. You tend to remember these sensations like a flavor that you tasted but just can’t recall the where and how you did it – just that you DID do it. A lot of people stay in the higher planes because they feel they have no reason to return, but you probably have unfinished business before you make that choice and these expanded realms of sensations can be a danger to less experienced travelers.

But this is part of travelling – you exist in a multi-verse. Understand that ~96% of our known Universe is unknown/ undetectable to us, the so called ‘dark matter & energy’. These are solid scientific facts – we really don’t have any idea of 96%+ of what our world consists of but we know it is there.

Why You Can’t Touch Your Nose!

Really vivid colors are also very common, the colors seem to all be ‘electric’ not necessarily neon type colors but just very intense and ‘pure’. You can be in an environment where the colors seem to be several levels of intensity above normal and you will get this as you expand your consciousness into higher planes.  

These effects happen for several reasons. First, you are perceiving your environment from a level of increased metal abilities as to data processing and also because you are perceiving your New world using sense and emotions that you don’t have access to in the normal world. 

And of course, you are ‘perceiving’ thru your mind/ Spirit directly and not thru your physical senses like hearing and seeing so your sense of all events around you are thru a direct linkage from your mind and not going thru the translation of passing thru your senses.

An interesting fact:

The Human eye actually perceives the visual world in an up-side down picture, it’s an optical effect well known to camera buffs – but the visual image that is fed into the brain is actually inverted on the vertical axis. The brain ‘translates’ this image into a real-world image of reality based correct orientation. So even at the most basic level what you ’see’ is data that is processed thru the brain interface.

We make note of this because Humans will say they feel ‘this or that’ but what they are actually feeling is data that has been processed thru many steps within the brain. So, the Brain is the computer that controls all that we ‘see’ and to a greater degree what we ‘feel’.

So when you are travelling, no you won’t be able to touch your nose because that is a physical thing and you’re not in a physical world anymore – you don’t have a nose except in your own perception.

You Also cannot ‘smell’ or ‘feel’ an object except as you brain fills in that sensation. Again, you don’t have a nose or fingers, you are an Entity based solely on an interface between dimensions or planes and your reality is really only the way you perceive it based on your Human/ Earth existence.

It’s a very strange world for sure, but eventually you will pass/ leave this physical world and you will enter the multi-verse, so it’s probably a good idea to get the feel of the new neighborhood unless you prefer to opt out of it.

 This is a particularly important fact to remember when traveling. Humans are not alone in the multi-verse and we are far from the dominant participant and you have to remember that the other players also are viewing the current dimensional state using their own rules from their worlds which for certain are very different from yours. You’ll be OK in the shallow waters but be very careful if you are going deep because the deeper you go the, stranger the rules become and there are simply places you should Never try to go to – you can only reach so far from this plane of existence.  

Tri Star Systems are designed to help you bypass the ’processing’ and learn to deal with the raw data of the world that you actually live in. You will need this training to travel well and far.

We (as Humans) got into this processed data problem because while we have the available data sensors and abilities we have to learn how to use these, you just can’t start from zero. Experience/ Learning is a really large part of our lives. But if we train on these tools that we already have then we can employ those tools. 

We strongly advise that you research all available data before you decide to go deep, seriously there are dangers to enhanced awareness and other realties and only a fool travels into the unknown without a compass and a proven map, others have gone there so listen to them.  


ESP like travelling is an art that you really have to work at to get good at – it’s not an easy or simple process. 

The Tri Star Systems can help you develop this ability as it will increase your mental and physical energies while helping to meld you into a more complete single Entity. One important fact about ESP is that it is Not a continuous ability. It comes and goes or ‘skips’ so it is not always available when you want or need it. Most often it peaks when you least expect it but mental training and discipline will help to expand the ability. 

Travelling has different names and is actually a pretty wide range of different mental states.

Some of these are simply increased awareness to full projection/ out of body experiences – but - and this is very important, to really develop the Art is very hard and best taken is steps. You will need those steps as they are your signposts of knowledge.

You would not set out on a small boat onto the Pacific Ocean with only a canoe knowledge of sailing. You will soon become food for the sharks that live in that world and Traveling can take you into far realities that are not benign & Happy zones but have their own rules and you had best be aware of them.

Waking Consciousness:

A very common and easy starting point is what is called ‘waking consciousness’. This is best trained for using Alpha frequency bands and is easy to identify.  In most reported cases the awareness state is basically the same and differs only in the depth and length of the experience. This is where repeated training really helps as it does with any mental state – practice not only makes it easier but it enables you to travel farther and deeper.

As with most ESP based events, waking consciousness seems to occur a lot in the early morning hours of 3 > 5 am. This state is readily identified by several factors. Please take note that this is the quietest time of the 24-hour day both in terms of living sentient beings but also of electrical activity.

Travelling in high energy fields (high voltage/ current) tends to be disrupting, so you should best avoid stuff like high power generators and nuclear reactors really need to be avoided as the high-end neutrinos and transient particles/ energy waves like tachyons are very bad stuff and can start to erase your identity.  While the Tri Star Systems produce High Voltage pulses, these are tuned to your brain wave frequencies and so will blend and reinforce those wave patterns. Other sources of high PEMF will cause disruption thru partial resonance of your brain waves. You get this sometimes in normal life and it’s called dis-orientation (I just feel out of sorts today?) for various reasons like emotions/ stress, weather, time shifts. But it’s basically a disruption in some part of the cycles that the Brain & Body combo uses for existing in a very complex environment. 


First, you feel/ think like you are awake but your eyes are closed, usually laying peacefully in your bed.

Second, is the increased awareness of your surroundings. You can perceive and actually see all around your room for example but you’re not moving your head or opening your eyes.  You can just lay and ‘view’ your entire environment in shades of black & white and then colors as you get better. Seeing is a bad word to use as you are perceiving your environment thru expanded senses and you mind is filling in the sense of reality. This is why it is best to start training in a really well-known area/ environment so it is easier for your mind to ‘calibrate’ the expanded senses into data you can start to understand. Eventually you get to where you view exactly as if you were looking at it, but your eyes are closed and you’re not moving.

People (couples & serious friends) can train to enter this state and exchange thoughts between them, so telepathy and viewing at the same time. The ‘view’ seems much clearer then eyesight and your mental awareness is much expanded.

Group melding is a really great experience as you can link both emotions and your personal sensations, just make sure that you are completely at a whole peace with your fellow travelers. Humans tend to have very personal physical messages within their construct. In other words, you’ll be getting personal on a level that you and they may have problems with so you need to take it in steps. 

Viewing is a really good state of consciousness to work at because as you get better at it, you can ‘trance’ out at places and events of your choosing. Natural places of strong energies/ power like state parks and places where you gather with friends to travel together are great examples. This is also a good starting path for serious travelling and the experienced travelers can assist and guide newcomers thru linking their awareness together in a proper setting.

Quantum Mechanics & the Astral World:

(Ghosts & stuff)

For over 40 years I invented, designed and built really far out large laser systems wholly based on QM (and 3 US Laser Patents), so I know QM like a fish knows the water it swims in. This was after 10 years of travelling. I have seen the weirdest stuff I still can’t believe, when you really power up the plasma generators things will morph for hours after and ‘reality’ is never the same – it clings like bad lint around the edges but when it does go away then you wonder which world was the ‘real’ one?

QM not only allows any type of ‘Astral’ events, it actually requires that ability in any sentient and, really in any object that exists in our world. So, the ability in humans is not so much as a sense to create in ourselves as it is a sense we already have and when you look at evolution – it becomes very clear that spending a lot of time travelling will result in your becoming dinner for another species who is only concerned with survival. 

What is Quantum Mechanics?

Any serious explorer of the higher dimensions/ planes will benefit greatly from at least a basic understanding of Quantum Mechanics as it appears that the Laws of QM apply somewhat in those dimensions.

QM is a bunch of different theories staring back in the early 20th century by some of the best minds in science.  The main parts have been developed and tested in stages and the results are truly amazing.

QM is the most successful theory that our science has. It works at all levels and sizes unlike classical physics like Newton and Einstein theories, it works and has been proven to be 100% correct in all tests.

QM has several basic features.

It applies to the smallest possible components of our existence

It is a statistical probability theory in that every event is possible and will happen at some time based on probability

It requires the existence of other dimensions then the ones that we are aware of    >> this is especially important to remember when we talk about ‘dark’ matter and energy, we can detect its presence just like we can detect ghosts but we can’t directly interface with them yet.

For our uses there are (2) basic Laws that you will encounter all the time in ESP and travelling.

First, anything can and will happen, it’s a question of ‘when’ and not ‘if’ -  so anything is not only possible, but it will happen based on statistical probability. So, if you roll a billiard ball against a wall, sooner or later the ball will pass thru the wall.

Now that may sound crazy and it is. BUT it happens all the time to us and is in almost all electrical devices. The ‘tunneling effect’ in diodes where electrons pass thru stuff that they cannot actually pass thru is used everywhere. There is a lot of QM in most modern electrical devices. We use QM all the time but we just aren’t aware of it and certainly don’t know anything about the how & why of it.

The second and most important Law is the one that requires other dimensions of higher existence.  So, this is really easy, we exist in (1) plane of existence or dimension and our dimension is part of what is called the ‘Multiverse’ and it’s a very well-established fact. The problem is that at this time we can’t directly access these other dimensions in a daily event but we can and do test stuff like ‘Entanglement’ which is a well-tested part of QM.

Other dimensions also cover unexplained events in our world such as ESP and ghosts and other so called ‘super natural’ events. Well they aren’t exactly super natural and they should be called what they are and that is actions/ effects involving other dimensions. This is really common (see tunneling effect) and occurs a lot from ‘brushing’ against the next closest dimension and where that set of physical laws can most easily interface with the laws of our own dimension.

You have to understand that a lot of our current physics/ electronics are based on and use these ‘interfaces’ all the time. Actually, most of our electronics would Not work if this was not happening. But consider that the planet can’t even agree on a common language, Tech just passes them by and they have no idea at all that ‘their’ world has been interfacing with other dimensions for a long time. 

So, Reality is that this dimensional interfacing actually happens all the time and is happening now in the devices you are viewing this report on. But we are just Not up to the Tech yet to make it as common as say the tunneling effect.  But we will get there and probably a lot sooner than later. The Real question is if we will ever be mature enough to deal with it.  

Some Rules of the Game:

First and foremost, you really can’t influence much of anything when your travelling – it’s a purely mental state, well not mental but not a physical state like a touchy-feely state.

Now Newbies can get really lost and in trouble over this rule because they feel they ‘absolutely have to’ change the real time viewing they are seeing, I separate real time from the past/ future viewing that you will encounter.

You Can influence stuff but it is tricky. You have to understand that you have limited existence in that plane of existence and so you then you run up against the QM Lord and to a very large (but Not 100%) issue of energy transfer and conservation. Einstein was correct at E=MC^ for our universe/ plane of existence. A lot of those laws of physics travel with us as we travel into other planes like bad baggage. So, these laws that exist in our world are sometimes in force and can be manipulated but you have to be aware of them when you travel. Again, this goes back to doing this in steps so you learn the rules that govern these worlds – what you want or expect has no meaning literally in those worlds.

Now you can influence stuff on other planes and that carries risks but if you are in your own world realm then it has simple rules that follow our classical science and of course always QM. Remember you don’t have any effect/ influence without burning energy and that energy you will have to get from the world/ plane you are in.

Ghosts - so what does that mean?

When you are an observer on another plane you are the exact definition of a Ghost. You have presence but lack the ability to influence the reality of the world that you are in. Energy is needed and it has to come from the plane you are in.

>> A Very Important Note—

‘Ghost Hunters’ routinely use temperature monitors to read the air temps and the solids to a lesser degree. This is because as a ‘Ghost – YOU’ spins into that plane and try to materialize/ ‘Mat’ or cause an influence, they again need to extract energy from the immediate environment and in so doing they cause the cold spots that the hunters are looking for.

Now really experienced Travelers know how to get things done. For example, you can’t readily turn a page, but you can cause a breeze that will do that. That’s why candles that flicker is a popular source of communication across the planes, easy to do but very effective. Maybe the ‘butterfly effect’ from South America is not only from butterfly’s?

- - - -

Psychotropic and Extended Traveling:

While the Group has extensive experience and advice/ cautions regarding the use of accelerants - we respectfully defer the release of that data as a general information text to avoid both Moral and Legal complications.

If you get to that point – you will know how to contact us.


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