New - Tri Star Linear PEMF PlasMag

Tri Star Linear PEMF PlasMag

The Tri Star PlasMag is a Truly Unique PEMF device that combines the Energies of both Plasma and Magnetic fields.

The PlasMag combines the generation of the Magnetic field with the ignition of the Plasma field so that they both energize at the same instant in time to create a uniform Energy field of both.

Based on Ancient magnetic energy systems, the magnetic windings are matched to the energy fields of the Plasma using derived resonance between the fields to better harmonize the health benefits.

Directed Energy Flow

The PlasMag II goes way beyond what you would expect in so simple of a device – but like smart phones – looks can be deceiving and it’s what the Tech is that counts.

Not only do the magnetic fields pump energy into the plasma and further combine both fields, the magnetic winds are of a helical design to generate the magnetic fields in a linear fashion towards the outer end of the PlasMag.

The ignition of the plasma is also directed to the outer end of the tube so both the Magnetic and the Plasma energies are not only matched to ignition but they also propagate in a quasi-cone shape towards to the outer Device end.

This directionality combines the energies into a much more powerful Energy field then just generating a pulse wave that travels in all directions.

The PlasMag is a Patent Pending system because of the importance of this Technology.

When you use it – you will agree with the Technological breakthru that the Design offers.

PEMF PlasMag: Available in Blue, Red or Green by Request

PEMF PlasMag: Available in Blue, Red or Green by Request