Colloidal Silver / Ionic Silver

Colloidal / Ionic Silver Generation

The TRI STAR VI is a Totally New type of Silver generator that employs Technology unlike any other system on the market.

The TS6 is designed to produce Both the Ionic and the Colloidal form of Silver in a unique (2) step method during the same operation. We do not judge which form is best – we simply produce one or both.

Using Advanced Plasma Electronics, the TS6 uses a specially designed power source that generates pulsed - current controlled - DC voltages.

This Technology is Unique in the Silver component field and is based on Plasma/ Laser Technology. This Unique Technology enables the TS6 to make first Ionic Silver and when the operation is continued – the process starts to produce Colloidal Silver. The TS6 uses only pure Distilled water and 99.99% pure silver wire to form Ionic silver solutions of set PPM concentrations in a Glass container. The Ionic PPM concentrations are based on timed power levels. 


  • Both forms of Silver can be produced at the same time using the same set-up and solution
  • Ionic is produced in the first hour – no colloidal!
  • Colloidal is produced after Ionic has stopped at saturation (~ 25/ PPM)
  • Colloidal production can continue to very high percentages
  • Same solution can contain both Ionic AND Colloidal Silver!
  • Simple operation
  • No need to stir! Pulsed ion flow generates turbulence just like water pics and shower heads

Fluid Frequency Entrainment can also be acheived by placing the Plasma PEMF Emitter directly in the fluid.   Waters physical structure is altered by the use of frequency .

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PEMF + Ionic / Colloidal Silver

Currently the TRI STAR VI is the best option for colloidal silver creation. Additionally it has the capability of entraining the silver solution to a custom frequency of your choice.

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How do you make Colloidal Silver?

How do you make Colloidal silver?

Colloidal Silver Discussion

We get a lot of questions concerning the use of the Tri Star Systems to make various metallic colloidal solutions. So, let’s start with some basics and then move onto the different things to keep in mind.


The use of silver for anti-bacterial use goes way back to at least the Roman Empire where they would put silver coins in the water jugs to keep the water fresh. So, silver has a very long history of use and effectiveness. In the US where our medical system is run by the FDA/ Pharma the use of natural health products has been strongly discouraged. Known processes, some of which were developed by the Military during war conditions; are just not discussed or even tolerated. The use of any type of RIFE technology is a good example – you can’t sell RIFE on eBay or Amazon even thought you can buy the frequency generators as long as you don’t use the word RIFE. If you’re an MD you are very strongly discouraged from anything to do with any non-FDA electrotherapy devices.

The same applies to silver and while the medical industry has started to move back into silver formulas for antibacterial use, they would much prefer Patented – massively overpriced esoteric chemical formulas of questionable value. The almost total ability of bacteria to overcome our best Pharma anti-biotics is an excellent example of this.

MRSA is a poster child for this very serious problem. Once known as a common staph infection easily treated with penicillin – it is now untreatable except by just a few antibiotics and soon not even those will work.

This is probably the main reason people are turning to the old unprofitable methods of dealing with health issues and is the driver for the Renaissance of electrotherapy Research & treatments.

At Earth Glows we strive to develop Technology and devices that can be used across as many fields of interest as possible and the making of colloidal solutions is a prime area for our Systems.

Getting started:

All Tri Star Systems are pulsed DC energies and by nature are current limited as they produce only pulses and not a continuous power source.  Depending upon the System, these pulses are generated at different frequencies and common frequencies used for colloids are the Schumann and 40 Hz Gamma for Alzheimer’s. With the Tri Star VI Series, you can input complex programs for very specific treatments. FreX16 is an excellent software program and we strongly recommend it. The advantage of using outside software systems is that they are under constant development and as with FreX, the resources that they have available to them far exceed any single product manufacturer.

So, with a program like FreX, you can actually make a colloid solution based on the frequencies in the program itself. Chemical reactions and processes routinely use frequencies that are tuned to accelerate or even initiate chemical actions. The use of specific frequency laser energy is used all the time, actually almost all uses of laser energies are based on the frequency that works best with the material or process whether it is cutting steel or a rock light show.

General pointers:

First you always want to use steam distilled water and Walmart water works great. Make sure that the container is absolutely clean – we suggest that you buy a glass jar and only use it for your brewing to start with and stay with glass – not metal or plastic.

When you first brew silver colloidal the solution is in the ionic form and after it sits for 24+ hours it will combine into the colloidal form of the silver. It is during this ‘aging’ period that users insert a Plasma emitter into the solution and continue the application of the software program but using the Plasma energies (or other accessories) instead of the silver electrodes themselves.

Remember that if/ when you use a meter to read the PPM of the solution – these devices are reading the ion content of the solution, they work by measuring the resistance of the solution. Distilled water when it is pure has a very high resistance but as the silver rods dissolve thru the electrical process the metal ions decrease the resistance and increase the conductivity of the solution.  

We have found that the color of the solution is probably the easiest way to gauge when you’re about where you should be – the color should be that of light tea. After you are done brewing you can use the solution immediately for maximum ionic effect or let it age into colloidal if that is what you want.


How to use effectively:

The (2) best methods of using any colloidal solution is either under the tongue or by using a nasal spray, some people also use inhalers. You should try to avoid just swallowing the colloidal especially if you are interested in the ionic mixtures. 

Why? Well stomach fluids contain hydrochloric acid which is a very strong acid and ionic solution are alkaline so they will cancel each other out. The acid probably won’t affect the colloidals to much but remember that silver is a metal and the acid will effect the metal itself – so always try to avoid just swallowing it. You can get nasal sprayers on eBay real cheap and probably your local drugstore as well.

You can get around the stomach acid by taking an anti-acid like Tums or just baking soda first and that will neutralize the acid in your stomach.

Alzheimer’s treatments should always try to be under the tongue or using a nasal inhaler as this gets the colloidal directly into the brain region without getting diluted going thru the digestive tract. The Schumann & 40 Hz Gamma are a popular brew mix for ALZ. 

Basic Flavors for cooking:

Once you get into using different programs the next step is try different substances with your brew.

Of course, for most of this you will want to drink the mix so again make sure you have mixed in something to knockback the stomach acid.

Now as to liquids to mix with besides plain water you want to look for stuff that is chemically neutral. Tea is a very good choice but you should avoid the high acid fruits like lemons and tomatoes but bananas are really good and any artificial flavor is also a good choice.

Alcohol is a good choice as it is chemically neutral, we suggest a quality vodka to start with so you can establish a base line of effects before you try other alcohols like wine. Mixed drinks are also common just avoid acidic mixes like bloody Mary’s.

A lot of people brew up cannabis teas at the Schumann frequency and add some vodka/ light wine for a smooth energy drink. Remember, while you want to brew with just water to start, after you’re done you can mix it around just try to avoid the acids if you’re interested in the ionics.

The Bigger Picture:

Now that we’ve done a fast overview let’s talk about the larger picture that emerges using the Tri Star Systems.

The basic premise of the Tri Star Technologies is to not only offer the widest possible range of pulsed energies by using different accessories but to combine these devices into effective treatment programs.

While we can’t offer much direction in the sequence of application of these different energies – you will know best yourself what works for you, we can point out an important relationship involving colloids.

When you brew at specific frequencies those frequencies become imprinted on the colloid. When you further pump energy at those frequencies using the accessories, you resonate the mixture too that frequency along additional pathways. This is where you can add your side mixes and brew the whole batch together.

Some of the accessories are very effective at pumping action. The Plasma of course is very effective as light energy has a very high energy level – we recommend either the blue or green plasma. The MagStrobes are really good for added magnetic coupling of complex brews especially since the field has reversible magnetic polarity. The New PlasMag is probably the perfect match for giving your custom brew that extra kick of resonance.

Now speaking of resonance, after you have brewed up your favorite mix this is where the whole system starts to come together.

Since you brewed at certain frequencies, after you have ingested the mix however you want, then you go back and do a body exposure using the different accessories at those frequencies. The idea is that the brew within you will resonate with the external energy fields and by this action pump even more energy at those frequencies into your system. Think of it as an activation event with external energy fields.

With this in mind we strongly suggest that you always do some form of follow up energy input to enhance the colloidal effects and remember that you can use different frequencies to pump energy into the process. The Human body uses different levels of energies and while you may be using one with the colloidal you can also use another that resonates with it.   

Every person is different and you will have a lot of fun experimenting around to see what paths work best for, but one thing that we can assure you of – you will know it when you hit the right one!     


A Tri Star Users Submission : Easy Guide

Steps to create Colloidal silver with TS3 or TS6 +

1. Obtain Pure Distilled water
2. Obtain Pure glass container (scrubbed clean)
3. Use 14 guage 99.99% silver wire - 2 rods 6"- 10"
4. Get a wood strip to span across top of Glass container with 2 holes to  insert silver rods.
5. Scrub silver rods with nylon scrub pad- dry with paper towel-  wash hands.
6. Place distilled water in Jar, place wood across top of glass, insert rods a few inches apart
7. Get out your TS6 Pemf system - w/ wire and alligator clips - attach clips to wire and plug in to machine.
8. Safety first. Never touch wires, water or alligator connectors while TS6 is turned on period!
9. Turn on TS6 PEMF unit - choose a (frequency) and let it run until desired ppm..-30 min to a few hours..(typically created Ionic first then colloidal -higher frequency the quicker the process)
10. Option to reverse polarity every 10-15 minutes will increase lifespan of silver rods. (switching alligator clip wires)
11. Buildup of silver may happen on the electrodes. You may stop - turn off machine- and clean them and restart as needed.
12. Laser may be used to ascertain silver presence in the water. (laser  directed into water will illuminate the silver particles)
13. Store in brown glass container when done.  (sunlight effects silver)
14. A ppm meter or a multi-meter measuring resistance of water may be used to  measure concentration  and know when finished.
15. Entrainment  of the colloidal solution to a desired frequency may be done with the colored Plasma PEMF Emitter after the silver rods have been removed from ionic / colloidal solution.
16. Your done. Store in a cool dry place with tight lid.